Cotap adds external messages and Salesforce integration

Cotap continues to add new features and integrations, and designed in a way that is strongly mobile first.

Messaging to external users is a constant issue when using work chat, and can be a real stumbling block. Cotap has released a new version that adroitly solves the difficulties involved by pulling contacts from your address book. The UI is straightforward, with a two tab interface, and the external users arrayed under ‘Others’:


Cotap has investedĀ a great deal of thinking about relevance, which shows up in this case in the autocomplete of external contacts which are sorted by relevance: relevance based on recency and frequency of conversation.

The second aspect of this new release is a Salesforce integration, which means Salesforce contacts are pulled in, as are Salesforce information elements. Below you see those:


Chatting with a Salesforce contact is one click away:

Screenshot 2014-10-24 09.18.48

Cotap’s newest announcements demonstrate the commitment the company has to supporting mobile-first work chat, and bringing more context into the conversation.