Music streamer Deezer gets talkative with Stitcher buy

The French Spotify competitor Deezer, which recently launched in the U.S., has bought the on-demand internet radio and podcast service Stitcher. There’s no public price tag on the deal and, according to the Stitcher blog post on Friday, the acquisition wouldn’t affect its existing services. “You will still be able to use Stitcher the way you always have – on mobile phones, tablets, and in cars,” the San Francisco-based team wrote. Speaking of cars, Stitcher’s 35,000+ shows can be found in more than 50 models, it said in the post. Deezer has around 16 million monthly listeners, versus Spotify’s 40 million active users, but Deezer has greater reach, being available in 180 countries to Spotify’s 58.