Live blog: Apple CEO Tim Cook and Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma at the WSJ.D Live conference

Alibaba and Apple aren’t just close in the alphabet, the two companies are also closely watched as two of the most influential players in the technology space, albeit with very different trajectories. Apple has had a great Q3, but the company has been struggling with slowing iPad sales, and has yet to show that its first wearable will be what people want from this new device category. Alibaba on the other hand seemingly came out of nowhere, only to stage the biggest IPO ever last month.

That’s why it will be especially interesting to see both [company]Apple[/company] CEO Tim Cook and [company]Alibaba[/company] founder and executive chairman Jack Ma on stage at the inaugural WSJ.D Live conference in Laguna Beach, California tonight. Both executives represent radically different companies, and from what we know, both are also very different characters. Cook may like to hang out with rock stars like Bono, but otherwise practices understatement. Ma, on the other hand, likes to rock out himself.

The Wall Street Journal’s first WSJ.D Live conference is kicking off with both executives in beautiful Laguna Beach, California tonight, and I will be covering the event live, whether there will be Lion King renditions or not. Tune in at 6:30 pm PDT for my live blog.