Microsoft rolls out unlimited OneDrive storage to its Office 365 subscribers

If you’re a subscriber to Office 365, say hello to all the storage you can handle. Microsoft said on Monday that its Office 365 customers will receive unlimited OneDrive storage over the next few months.

As of today, Office 365 Home, Personal and University customers are getting the storage boost, with other users slated to receive the bump later on this year.

From the blog post:

[blockquote person=”Microsoft” attribution=”Microsoft”]For OneDrive for Business customers, unlimited storage will be listed on the Office 365 roadmap in the coming days and we will begin updating the First Release customers in 2015, aligned with our promise to provide ample notification for significant service changes. In the meantime, get started using your 1 TB of storage today by backing up all those work files kicking around on your PC – with the knowledge that even more storage is on its way![/blockquote]

It was only last July that Microsoft gave Office 365 subscribers 1 TB of OneDrive storage, so this news seems to go against the tide of how cloud-storage providers have been nixing their free-storage plans. Last week, streaming-storage startup [company]Bitcasa[/company] cut support for its infinite drive and told customers that they have until November 15 to move their old data to Bitcasa’s new platform or face having all of their data deleted.

You have to wonder how [company]Box[/company] fits into this equation, however. In July, the startup linked up with Microsoft for a special Box-centric version of Office called Box for Office 365. Box also said that customers who sign up for its Business plan pricing tier would get unlimited storage. With Microsoft giving its Office 365 customers unlimited storage, it will be interesting to see how Box responds, especially as it rolls out its upcoming workflow management tool for 2015.

Where does this leave [company]Google[/company] and [company]Amazon[/company], which have both been touting their enterprise-work features lately? If those two big cloud providers decide to hand over unlimited storage accounts as part of their own work-collaboration tools and applications, then we could be headed to a new frontier in the cloud-storage wars.

Ultimately, this move by Microsoft shows that it’s using its commercial software and applications as a way to lure customers to its own cloud services. With unlimited storage now part of the Office 365 platform, it’s going to be worth keeping track of how many people decide to hitch a ride on the Azure cloud as a result.