Report: Microsoft preps Windows for ARM-based servers

Microsoft is quietly working on a version of Windows Server operating system to run on ARM-based servers, according to a Bloomberg news report.

Windows Server now runs on Intel hardware although that was not always the case. Oldsters remember that there was once a version of Windows Server for PowerPC-based machines although it was discontinued in 1997. PowerPC was a RISC chip architecture backed by [company]IBM[/company], [company]Apple[/company] and [company]Motorola[/company] as a hedge against [company]Intel[/company] chip dominance.

In July, Microsoft and ARM Holdings signed a licensing deal that opened up possibilities for all sorts of collaboration.

[company]Microsoft[/company] supports ARM on the client device side with its Surface RT tablet device but recent reports contend that the company may discontinue that effort.

Many of the big server names including Dell and HP are building energy-sipping ARM-based servers; Intel is pushing energy-efficient Atom server chips as a response.

An [company]ARM Holdings[/company] spokesman referred questions to Microsoft, which could not immediately be reached for comment.