Twitter’s app is no longer available for Google Glass

It appears that the Twitter app for Google Glass is no longer available. The app has vanished from the browser-based online MyGlass hub, as well as Google’s Glassware page. Users on Reddit are warning that if you uninstall the app from your Glass there’s no option to reinstall it, and there isn’t an .APK file that users can sideload, either.

There are a couple of possible explanations: As a Glass representative explained in the Reddit thread, Google Glass has added and tweaked a bunch of developer tools since Twitter’s Glassware was first released in May 2013. In particular, Google seems to be inching away from the Mirror API, which Twitter for Glass used, and is moving to the Wear API, which also works on Android Wear. In fact, you can still get Twitter notifications on Glass through Android Wear’s notification feature.

Another possibility is that Twitter estimated the number of people with Glass out there and decided there wasn’t enough of a reason to devote additional developer time and resources to Google’s face-computing platform — even though it’s now available for sale to the public. Of course, Glass still costs $1,500, and future versions, still in the works, are expected to be less expensive and sell a whole lot more.

Twitter may also have realized that it needs to rethink how the microblogging service should be integrated with a heads-up display. Early Google Glass “Explorers” used the tag #throughglass to share images taken with Glass’ face-mounted camera, but even that hashtag drew controversy when it was used to share creepshots taken on the subway without their subjects’ permission.


And on the other hand, it looks as if not many people want a high-volume feed of tweets showing up in their line of vision. Although some people on Twitter were able to come up with creative uses for Twitter-Glass integration — I’m a fan of @brownpau’s #drilthroughglass project — for the most part, consuming tweets on Google Glass was a novelty.

I’ve reached out to Twitter for clarification, and will update if I hear back.