DigitalOcean drafts Mesos to make its cloud more production-ready

Savvy users of cloud infrastructure often turn to Apache Mesos cluster management software to make their workloads more resistant to failure.

That point is not lost on [company]DigitalOcean[/company], which is now working with Mesosphere, a commercial entity backing the open-source software, to make sure Mesos is easily deployed on DigitalOcean infrastructure, said Mitch Wainer, co-founder and CMO of New York-based DigitalOcean.

Lots of developers use DigitalOcean to build and test software, but Mesos support will make it more attractive for them to deploy production workloads there as well, Wainer noted. “Mesos lets developers deploy multiple instances at once and then pool all those resources together for use as one computer,” Wainer said. “If one instance fails, the system heals itself — it moves the app to other instances that are running and reallocates the resources appropriately.

DigitalOcean Mesosphere

To be clear, there was no real reason savvy DigitalOcean users could not use Mesos before, but the company has unveiled a series of tutorials and other materials to make it much easier.

“The goal is to abstract out the difficulties of devops — managing infrastructure environments is a major pain point,” Wainer said.

Mesos is quickly becoming a fan favorite among people deploying key applications on public clouds. One [company]Amazon[/company] cloud customer told me recently that his company’s use of Mesos on Amazon Web Services kept its workloads running during last month’s Xen-based reboot, for example.