Google, PwC venture aims to boost enterprise cloud efforts for both parties

In an episode of mutual backscratching, Google and consulting firm PwC on Tuesday announced a partnership aimed at boosting the use of Google’s technology in enterprise accounts.

[company]Google[/company] needs to prove that its apps and its cloud platform are ready for primetime use by big customers, and PwC needs to show that it “gets” cloud. So the two companies are teaming up to implement Google technologies for big customers.

[company]PwC[/company] has existing relationships with [company]Amazon[/company] and [company]Microsoft[/company] in the cloud realm. And it has been working with Google for some time as well, although this is the first formal partnership between the two companies, according to a PwC spokeswoman.

Per the joint press release, the two companies will use PwC’s business experience and insights along with Google Apps and Google’s cloud and productivity tools. And, probably not coincidentally, PwC is moving 40,000 U.S. and Australian employees to Google Apps, presumably from Microsoft Office.

No one doubts that Google has the resources to make a go of its cloud computing efforts, but some still question whether enterprise IT is a top priority for the company or whether Google cloud is truly enterprise-ready compared to what Microsoft and AWS are offering.  That’s the sort of thing partnerships like this are meant to address.Google Cloud Platform logo 2

Note: This story was updated at 12:50 p.m. PDT to reflect that PwC is moving to Google Apps itself.