Ohio governor says Amazon will spend $1.1 billion on a new Ohio data center

Amazon is supposedly plunking down $1.1 billion on a new data center to be built in central Ohio, according to Ohio Governor John Kasich, as reported in The Columbus Dispatch. Kasich reportedly detailed Amazon’s plans during a campaign speech last weekend and confirmed to the audience that the Seattle giant is committed to the deal.

“I just met with one of the top officials at Amazon…They’re making a billion-dollar investment in cloud computing,” Kasich said during his campaign stop. “So, what is coming is very exciting jobs to Ohio.”

In August, the Ohio Tax Credit Authority handed out tax credits valued over $81 million to an Amazon Web Services’ subsidiary named Vadata Inc. to help out with a project that’s “a significant data center investment” in Central Ohio, according to a project report by the Ohio Development Services Agency. The news on Wednesday seems to confirm those plans.

An AWS spokesperson wrote the following in an email when I reached out for a comment:
[blockquote person=”AWS spokesperson” attribution=”AWS spokesperson”]“At AWS, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to expand our geographic coverage in order to provide lower latencies, higher operational efficiencies, and additional choice to customers in terms of where they operate their applications and store their data. Today there are 11 AWS Regions around the world, four of which are in the U.S., and we are constantly evaluating a long list of additional target countries and U.S. locations.” [/blockquote]

Amazon’s U.S. East data center — which is more like a farm of multiple data centers — is so far the largest (and parts of it are the oldest) piece of AWS infrastructure.

And the U.S. East data center has had its fair share of hiccups in the past: one time severe weather took down the data center, bringing down Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest and Heroku with it; and another time, Amazon’s Elastic Block Storage (EBS) service failed and knocked off Foursquare, Reddit and Heroku again.

For Amazon, investing in a new billion-dollar data-center makes sense, considering it’s in a location where new infrastructure could help with stability.

This summer, evidence came to light that Amazon was also scouting Germany as a possible new cloud region, which last week was confirmed when Amazon announced it set up shop in Frankfurt. Adrian Cockcroft of Battery Ventures noted at Gigaom’s Structure 2014 conference that moving into Germany is a good idea for the company.

Post has been updated with info on Amazon’s Frankfurt Region.