Amazon keeps on wooing enterprise admins, this time with Windows System Center support

If you thought Amazon would let up on its enterprise cloud push, you have another think coming. The company just released a new tool that promises to let Windows admins — folks used to working with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (who makes up these awful names?)  — to manage their EC2 instances from a console that will look familiar to them.

Per the AWS blog post:

This add-in allows you to monitor and manage your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances (running either Windows or Linux) from within Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager. You can launch new instances and you can also perform common maintenance tasks such as restarting, stopping, and removing instances. You can even connect to the instances using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

This development follows by a few months a similar move by Amazon to attract VMware admins with its AWS Management Portal for vCenter

Face it, if you’re targeting existing enterprise accounts, as opposed to startups, you need to make nice to the administrators who manage those legacy technologies.

These people view their specialized expertise — with [company]VMware[/company] vSphere or [company]Microsoft[/company] Windows Server etc — as job security.  If they can keep managing their resources — even if those resources run in AWS — from familiar-looking screens, that’s a big deal.

This news comes just a week after AMazon announced AWS Directory Services that eases integration of on-premises Microsoft applications and cloud-based resources, an important consideration for many companies that are de facto hybrid cloud shops.

Although, of course, VMware and Microsoft are also working feverishly to get those accounts onto clouds of their own.

Look for [company]Amazon[/company] to roll out more enterprise-friendly features and functions at the AWS Re:Invent conference in two weeks.

Said Sebastian Stadil, CEO of Scalr, a provider of cloud management tools: “AWS is very committed to the enterprise. Re:Invent is going to be very interesting if they don’t consider these [products] important enough to wait two weeks.”

AWS SVMM add-in

AWS SVMM add-in