Digital Lumens rakes in $23M to build out its intelligent lighting networks

Digital Lumens, the Boston company that aims to bring smart, connected energy-sipping LED lighting to warehouses, factory floors and other industrial venues, now has $23 million in fresh Series C funding to continue that effort. Its users may be less than glamorous, but they save a ton of money by only illuminating vacant warehouse aisles when people are in them.

The new funding — which brings the company’s total to $65 million — will be used to boost product development and sales and marketing efforts.

Here’s how my colleague Katie Fehrenbacher explained Digital Lumens’ game plan three years ago when the company netted $10 million in Series B funding:

Each lighting fixture has an on-board computer and mesh networking capabilities, allowing the system to adjust to variables such as whether daylighting is available, the state of a neighboring fixture or if a particular work area or machine needs to be illuminated at a set time. The system can also be programmed, and provide data about usage and occupancy to facility managers through Digital Lumens’ energy management system.

Digital Lumens CEO Tom Pincince

Digital Lumens CEO Tom Pincince

The Series C round comes courtesy of new backers Nokia Growth Partners, Aster Capital and Goldman Sachs, with additional contribution from current investors Flybridge Capital Partners, Black Coral Capital and Stata Ventures.

Demand for intelligent lighting and energy management will only grow as we move more deeply into the internet of things era. All of those “things” need energy, after all, and being able to cut consumption to the bone will be a key priority. Digital Lumens competitors include Enlighted, which recently raised $20 million in Series D funding.