Heiliger and Skok to exit North Bridge Venture Partners

Michael Skok and Jonathan Heiliger, big names at North Bridge Venture Partners are striking out on their own, separate, ventures.

Fortune reported the news Thursday afternoon and Skok confirmed the gist Thursday night, although he said both departures have been in the works for some time.

Skok also said he will invest in [company]North Bridge Venture Partners'[/company] Fund 8 which will be led by general partners Paul Santinelli, Jamie Goldstein, Carmichael Roberts and Ric Fulop.

“All I can say is there will be a new fund and I will invest in it … I wouldn’t write a check if I wasn’t excited about it,” Skok said in a phone interview.

Heiliger, (pictured above) the former infrastructure guy at [company]Facebook[/company], joined the venture firm in 2012 and has been a fixture at Gigaom Structure events as has Skok, who joined North Bridge in 2002. Skok holds board seats at [company]Acquia[/company], [company]Demandware[/company], and [company]Unidesk[/company], all North Bridge investments.

Heiliger confirmed to Fortune’s Dan Primack, that he will no longer invest with North Bridge and his board seats will transition to remaining partners. He said he plans to launch a new company in the investment/venture arena.

North Bridge Co-Founders Rich Damore and Ed Anderson stepped down as general partners in March.

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Michael Skok, General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners Structure Data 2013 Albert Chau / itsmebert.com