MindTouch gains real-time analytics in the cloud

MindTouch Inc. provides cloud-based customer success software. It empowers businesses to author, capture and serve knowledge to its customers by creating insight from customer behavior. As a cloud-based business, the company must deliver 24×7 reliability while supporting agile application development. This requires its cloud service to be available at all times and software updates to be bug-free, or the rigorous uptime SLA could be missed.

To meet this challenge, MindTouch relies on Splunk Cloud for visibility into its entire cloud infrastructure, including AWS servers. According to MindTouch, “Our products are mission-critical to our customers, and the 100% uptime delivered by Splunk Cloud helps us meet our customers’ expectations to be online all the time.”

MindTouch uses Splunk Cloud for a variety of use cases, including application development and business analytics. On the application development side, DevOps is detecting potential bottlenecks and taking remedial action before customers experience problems. The team can now prepare new code faster and promptly roll back releases if issues are detected. In addition, using Splunk Cloud, MindTouch has been able to triple its customer base without increasing the size of its DevOps team.

Since deploying Splunk Cloud, MindTouch has also leveraged business analytics to refine its pricing by billing customers according to the number of relevant search requests users make each month. Using Splunk Cloud has helped MindTouch increase customer retention and grow its overall business.

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