Samsung invests in internet of things identity management platform Evrythng

Samsung and Evrythng, the U.K.-based outfit that is trying to build an identity management layer for the internet of things, have revealed a partnership that involves an investment from Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation.

CEO Niall Murphy said in a Thursday blog post that [company]Samsung[/company]’s backing – which comes on top of an investment by Cisco earlier this year – was “another endorsement of Evrythng’s technology and vision as the right stuff for global brands seeking to make their products smart and part of the emerging Web of Things.”

Beyond that, there don’t seem to be any details of the investment amount or what the collaboration specifically entails.

Evrythng is all about managing the identity and authentication of the myriad devices – from smart appliances to smart packaging — that comprise the internet of things. It has previously described itself as the “Facebook for things” that assigns a discoverable profile to each object, so as to enable direct interactions between consumers and those objects, or for example high-scale stock management for businesses.

Samsung, meanwhile, is slowly developing a system called Smart Home that is a rival to [company]Apple[/company]’s HomeKit. The Korean firm bought smart home hub maker SmartThings a couple months back with the intention of creating a “totally open smart home platform that brings together third-party developers, device makers, and consumers,” and it’s certainly possible to see a hardware-agnostic operation like Evrythng helping to realize this vision.