Joyent gets $15M in funding and tries to jump on the container bandwagon

Cloud provider Joyent said Friday that it landed a $15 million funding round and is now emphasizing the use of container technology within its cloud infrastructure. The latest investment round brings the company’s total funding to $135 million.

[company]Joyent[/company] plans on using that cash to spread the word that it is well-versed in running and maintaining containers as a core part of its public and private cloud services. It also wants to make sure its cloud platform is compatible with Docker’s container technology, explained Joyent CEO Scott Hammond. Hammond wouldn’t explain just what exactly the company is doing to make sure its technology works well with Docker, but he said Joyent will be giving details in the next few weeks.

“We’re raising funding to give us more rocket fuel to accelerate our product by connecting with the Docker environment,” Hammond said. “Speed kills, and speed kills the people who move slowly.”

Containers have been the talk of the town ever since Docker popularized the technology among the developer community within the past year. Hammond, who joined Joyent in June, wants the world to know that the company has long used containers built atop its custom operating system and hypervisor “that is the nucleus of the products Joyent builds,” he said.

“It is funny, Joyent has been talking about containers for about eight years now,” said Hammond. “Suddenly with [company]Docker[/company] and [company]Google[/company], all the cool kids are doing it.”

It will be interesting to see just how Joyent’s emphasis on containers will lead to an increase in people turning to the company as their main cloud provider and whether it can capitalize on Docker’s success.

Joyent’s previous investors Intel Capital, Orascom TMT Investments, El Dorado Ventures, EPIC Ventures and LGI Ventures participated in this round.

Be sure to watch Joyent CTO Bryan Cantrill’s (pictured above) talk about the future of computing at this year’s Gigaom Structure conference in the video below.

Photo by Jakub Mosur