Personal wind turbine: startup gives you power on a cloudy day

The Windpax team firmly believes that a simple gust of wind will not only supply power for “first-world” hikers, backpackers, and recreational camping sites, they believe it will also transform energy availability for disaster relief and developing nations, despite the lack of standard power grids. Portable wind turbines can help either charge a phone or light strings of LEDs during the night—wherever you are in the world.

So how much power can you really get with a collapsible, portable wind turbine? A summer breeze or wind sweeping across the Sahara could keep gadgets going for quite awhile. For example, Windpax’s small WISP version weighs just under 4 pounds and generates 25 watts. That’s enough to power six cell phones simultaneously at rated wind speeds, and its battery stick—when fully charged—could charge two iPhones. Plus it only takes minutes to assemble or stow away.

With a successful Kickstarter campaign completed earlier this summer, Windpax is moving forward with production. “We’re able to build something from nothing and that’s amazing,” said Justin Chambers, President, Windpax LLC. “Basically we can take an idea, build a model, test it, and then take it to market. I don’t know what’s better than that.”

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