AT&T, Verizon boost caps on their cheaper shared data plans

A month ago, Verizon and AT&T doubled the data available on higher-tier shared plans as all of the major carriers tried to entice new customers with bigger buckets of bandwidth. Now both operators are scaling down those promotional offers to their low-tier (in the case of AT&T) and mid-tier (in the case of Verizon) mobile bandwidth bundles.

Both [company]AT&T[/company] and [company]Verizon[/company]’s original double-data promotions targeted accounts that bought data in bulk allotments of 15GBs or more a month to split between many family members or multiple devices. AT&T’s new promotion, however, targets single-line customers or households with two or three devices: $40 a month now gets 3 GBs instead of 2 GBs, and its $70 plan comes with 6 GBs instead of 4 GBs. AT&T is also extending its double-data offer on higher tier plans until Nov. 15.

Verizon is keeping pricing of its lower-tier plans the same, but customers who subscribe to its $80 6GB plan will now get 10 GBs a month, and those who sign up for its $100 tier will get 15GBs instead of 10 GBs. Verizon’s offer is only for a limited time but it’s available to new and existing customers, while the price changes on AT&T’s $40 and $70 tiers appear to be permanent. Verizon’s new pricing goes into effect Saturday, and AT&T’s new rates start Sunday.