Early build of Gmail 5.0 adds Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and Exchange mail support

Google hasn’t officially released the newest update to Gmail for Android in the Google Play Store but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can download Gmail 5.0 from Android Police. The blog has the software early and it appears to be feature complete.

We had a pretty good idea that Gmail was getting a bit of an overhaul. From a user interface perspective, the app needed updating to the new material design guidelines. And an early build tipped Google’s hand at adding IMAP/POP and Exchange support so the Gmail client can be your one place to see all email accounts.

gmail 5 for android

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that this build has a unified Inbox option, so although you can add Yahoo or Outlook mail, for example, you’ll be doing a big of back and forth to see your various inboxes. Gmail 5.0 looks much like the new Inbox app but doesn’t include [company]Google[/company] Now contextual smarts nor email bundling for messages related to Travel, Finance, Social or other groupings.