That round LG G Watch will cost $299; $50 more than the circular Moto 360

We’ve known nearly everything about the LG G Watch R except for one key item: The price. Thanks to AT&T, which will start selling the round Android Wear smartwatch on November 7, we can check that final box off our list. The carrier says it will sell the LG G Watch R for $299, which is $50 more than the similar Moto 360 watch which AT&T will also start selling the same day.

LG G Watch R press

For some, the premium price will be worth it, if only to have a fully circular display. The Moto 360 boasts the same but a small portion of the screen near the bottom actually can’t be used to show information, helping the watch gain the nick name of a “flat tire.” LG’s round display is fully available to show data on the 320 x 320 resolution plastic OLED screen.

A notification is shown on the Moto 360 smart watch. Photo by Kevin Fitchard/Gigaom

A notification is shown on the Moto 360 smart watch. Photo by Kevin Fitchard/Gigaom

The LG Watch R contains all of the same internals as the first LG G Watch that debuted earlier this year: A 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip, 512 MB of memory, 4 GB of storage and a 9-axis sensor. New to this model are a barometer and heart-rate sensor.

I was able to briefly compare the G Watch R to the Moto 360 last week and while the round display is fully usable, it’s ever so slightly smaller than the screen on the Motorola unit. Both have the same resolution so information on the G Watch R may look a little crisper but text is a little more compact. It’s not likely an issue for most people but if — like me — you already struggle with small text and wear reading glasses, this could play into your purchase decision.

It might make sense to hit an [company]AT&T[/company] store any time after this Thursday since both units will be in stock. If you opt for the Moto 360, AT&T will even cut you a break, selling the smartwatch for $199 with the purchase of a new Moto X.