Sonos adds multi-account support to its connected loudspeakers

Sonos just took an important step towards making its internet-connected loudspeakers more family-friendly: Sonos owners can now add multiple accounts for streaming services like Spotify, now that the Sonos app allows users to switch back and forth between individual accounts.

Previously, a Sonos system was always tied to one single account. The problem with that is that many music services generate playlists, radio stations and personalized recommendations based on past usage behavior — which can lead to unwelcome surprises if your children always listen to Kids Bop, or your partner has a very different taste in music.

Adding support for multiple accounts to Sonos speakers could also help music services like Beats and Spotify to upsell users to family accounts. Spotify recently introduced a new family plan, offering users additional plans for $5 each.

The new feature is now available as part of the Sonos beta program, and will be properly integrated into the next version of the Sonos software later this year.