The password problem – solved

The password pain
Entering in passwords for all of your everyday applications and web services is a pain. Worse yet, being locked out of an account and losing time during a busy business day trying to recover access is frustrating. You’re expected to juggle dozens of unique passwords but also keep them complex enough to avoid security risks for your business – it’s simply impossible.

Easing the password pain
Imagine that the apps you use every day, such as Basecamp, GitHub, Google Apps, and Zendesk, can be launched at the click of a button, without ever typing in a password. Better yet, imagine sharing and provisioning access to a team Twitter account, or other service, without ever sharing the underlying password. You would never have to email confidential information around again and colleagues could log in, securely, without ever knowing passwords.

Meldium by LogMeIn can help
Meldium by LogMeIn helps teams access the cloud services they need quickly and securely. With one-click sign in to all of your web apps and the ability to share access without ever sharing passwords, you can onboard your team and be productive in minutes. With 1,600 apps and counting, try Meldium for free today.