Braintree targets European commerce apps with a streamlined sign-up, free transactions

Braintree already does a lot of overseas business in mobile and online payments, but it’s taking a particular interest in Europe these days. While speaking at The Web Summit in Dublin Wednesday, Braintree CEO Bill Ready announced a program that only requires a developer to submit an email address, website URL and a brief description of their business to get hooked into Braintree and PayPal’s payment processing systems.

The new streamlined sign-up process will presumably make its way to Braintree’s other markets, but it’s starting in Europe. Ready also promised European developers that it would handle the first $50,000 in transactions for free – whatever that works out to be in their local currency.

Braintree, which is now the developer arm of PayPal, is trying to drum up more business for its new SDK, a kind of payments system-in-a-box that can get any app developer or online merchant plugged into financial networks and accepting payments in a matter of minutes.