Free Nest thermostats, possibly coming to a utility near you

Moderated by: Om Malik — Founder, Gigaom Speaker: Tony Fadell — Founder and CEO, Nest Labs

Tony Fadell — Founder and CEO, Nest Labs. Photo by Jakub Mosur

Nest has worked out a deal with Electric Ireland, where customers of the Irish utility who sign a two-year contract get a free Nest thermostat. The Irish electric market is deregulated and consumers have a choice, so a free Nest gives a customer a reason to sign up and stay with one provider. It’s also going to provide valuable data about electricity consumption that both Nest and presumably the utility can use. Nest CEO Tony Fadell shared the news at the Web Summit in Dublin this week and claimed that we will see more such deals from Nest. To hear more from Fadell, come to our design conference Roadmap where he’ll  be doing an onstage interview with Om Malik.