Pushbullet’s updated Chrome extension lets Android users send texts from a computer

Long before iPhones, iPads and Macs worked together for text messages, several Android apps had similar functionality. One of the more popular ones, Pushbullet, let you reply to messages in your browser. Now the app has an updated Chrome extension so that you can initiate new text conversations from Chrome.

You’ll need the Pushbullet app installed on your Android phone of course, and the latest version of the Chrome extension, found in the Chrome Web Store. At that point, sending an SMS is just a tap or two away. The software is smart enough to auto-complete contact information if you allow access to your digital Rolodex, but that’s an option you can disable.

pushbullet autocomplete

Since the text is actually sent through your Android phone, your recipients will see your name or number as the message originator. The entire text thread is also available on your handset so you can pick up the conversation on the phone.

Text message initiating is the latest feature in Pushbullet, but it’s useful for far more: You can send files between your computer and phone, for example, or push links from Chrome on the PC to your handset.