Report: Apple Watch to start at $500 in stainless steel, thousands for gold model

When Apple introduced its Apple Watch in September, the company said there would be three editions along with various face options and bands. Customers will literally have dozens of watch configurations to choose from. Only the base model got an official price of $349, however. Now a report claims to have pricing information on other editions.

Apple Watch. Photo by Tom Krazit/Gigaom

Apple Watch. Photo by Tom Krazit, Gigaom

MacRumors spotted a French blog whose sources suggest the stainless steel Apple Watch variant will start at $500 while gold models could cost $4,000 and up. The iGen blog has been credible in the past, correctly predicting the size of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

If you take the view that [company]Apple[/company] Watch is simply another smartwatch or gadget, the prices may not make that much sense. Look at the device as a fashion statement with smarts, though, and the anticipated costs sound viable. Apple has designed the watch and will market it as a modern timepiece that adds smartwatch functions to your wrist. It’s already considered a luxury brand by many and people are clearly willing to pay premium prices for that brand.

The stainless steel pricing is certainly believable to me. Look at Pebble to see why.

Pebble Steel fashion


You can buy a plastic Pebble smartwatch for as little as $99 now, recently discounted from its $149 price. The same watch and functionality in a more aesthetically pleasing stainless steel case will cost you $199, or double the plastic model’s price. It’s reasonable to assume an Apple Watch with stainless steel casing will cost $500 based on that. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see that come with a leather strap, with an additional $50 to $100 cost for a matching stainless steel strap.

Unfortunately, we’re not likely to know the official retail costs until this coming spring, as Apple won’t be selling the Apple Watch until then. For now, potential customers have time to save up for Apple’s timepiece — something they may need to do if they want an Apple Watch in gold.