Three ways tomorrow’s datacenter will look different from today’s

Today’s IT teams are faced with increasingly complex infrastructure decisions, but a new wave of enabling technology is just around the corner. We predict tomorrow’s IT will change datacenter operations in a few key ways:

1) All the benefits of racks and blades will be available in a single platform.

Even though blade servers are denser and more efficient, 90% of our customers choose racks because of the lower up-front investment. In the datacenter of the future, new hardware options will combine racks’ incremental scalability with blades’ modularity, density, and cable aggregation, creating a cost-effective option that’s also better for long-term growth.

2) New IT will integrate seamlessly with legacy hardware.

Datacenters of the future won’t have to make tough decisions about how and when to migrate from their legacy hardware. New software-defined infrastructure featuring converged compute, storage, and networking will painlessly integrate with proprietary platforms, saving IT teams from the operational disruptions of replacing legacy tech.

3) Software-defined storage will bring web-scale tech to smaller organizations.

Web giants like Google and Amazon aren’t the only ones who need simple, scalable IT. The datacenter of the future will offer intuitive, software-defined storage to help IT teams without ready-access to specialists to easily deploy virtual BYOD desktops, complex disaster recovery setups, and networked storage at multiple branch offices.

Maybe you already guessed it, but the future is here. This week, we announced our PowerEdge FX2 technology and the ship date of our XC Series appliances, making future-ready IT a reality today.

Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, Vice President and General Manager, Dell Server Solutions