Fighting malware and PUP from within: lessons from installCore

In the online world, we’ve come to expect that digital content, key software downloads, mobile apps and more should be of the highest standard, and also of the lowest price – free. The only way this business can be sustainable is for developers to find alternate means of monetization. Whether it’s ad-supported, targeted offers, or upselling, most things don’t come for nothing, and the issue becomes about negotiating a balance between having the developer continue developing, and supporting the needs of the user.

The big players in the software delivery industry have relied on self-regulation to protect the user against adware, viruses, and misleading ads, and they are constantly working to increase transparency and quality. At installCore, we’ve experienced tremendous growth precisely by emphasizing transparency. We’ve found that building trust between vendors and users gave us increased credibility and helped ramp up growth.

We’ve built that trust in three ways: by showing a zero tolerance for malware; ensuring transparency with users about any additional software included; and finally by making it simple for users to uninstall any programs or applications.

Like any other sales transaction, the download interaction between software vendors and users should be based on trust if it’s to succeed long-term. We believe that building clearer industry regulations can make it easier to create the necessary win/win situations for developers and end-users that lead to new, exciting and free products, and it’s something we should all be actively involved in pursuing.