Amazon wants you to tie your apps into Cloud Drive and now there’s an API for that

While developers and techies addicted to Amazon Web Services converge on Las Vegas for the annual AWS Re:Invent show, the retail/book side of the house wants you to integrate all your apps with Cloud Drive. Available since 2011, although many people don’t seem to know that, Cloud Drive stores customers’ photos, digital music, documents, and yes, Kindle downloads. 

So, Amazon now has a new Cloud Drive REST API that facilitates that app linkage. There’s more on the API here.

Per the blogpost:

For customers, this means you can do even more with the photos, videos, and files you have saved in Cloud Drive—to date, 11 apps have integrated Cloud Drive.

Last year AWS launched Zocalo, a repository for business documents, Cloud Drive is a consumer play and competes with [company]Dropbox[/company], [company]Apple[/company] iCloud, and others, so it’s got a tough road to hoe here. Most consumer apps now sport easy integration with Dropbox — your stuff just gets sent up there. Amazon hopes to change that. (As do Microsoft, Google, and other vendors, but I digress.)

One issue: the 11 third-party applications listed by [company]Amazon[/company] are not exactly household names, but hey you have to start somewhere right?