Chromecast gets Starz, Showtime and… Monopoly?

Chromecast users got some more premium cable content to watch Tuesday: Starz and Showtime both added Chromecast support to their Android and iOS apps, making it possible for viewers to watch shows like Homeland and Outlander on Google’s streaming stick as well as the newly launched Nexus TV device. However, pay TV credentials are required, so you won’t be able to watch if you don’t have cable or satellite TV subscription that also includes those particular channels.

There’s no such requirement for a number of other apps that also came to Chromecast Tuesday: [company]Sony[/company], [company]Hasbro[/company], [company]Ubisoft[/company] and others launched a number of casual games for [company]Google[/company] Cast-compatible devices, including classics like Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly Dash and Connect Four Quads as well as the music game Just Dance Now.


It’s interesting to see casual games come to Chromecast. Both Amazon’s Fire TV and Google’s Android TV platform are putting a big emphasis on gaming by bringing full-blown Android games to the TV screen. Chromecast’s more casual fare can’t quite compete with that, but it could possibly keep people who are looking to do more than just stream Netflix hooked to the device.