Check out Flow, Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Handoff feature

Samsung’s VP of Research Pranav Mistry revealed the company’s next big step towards making its devices work together during the company’s developer conference Wednesday: Project Flow will allow users to switch tasks from phones to tablets or smart watches to TVs. Flow is a little bit like Apple’s new Handoff and Continuity features, with some time shifting added to the mix: Users will also be able to save tasks for later and even get reminders.

For example, users can begin to watch a video on the go, and then decide to finish it off on their TV once they get home — something the company calls Defer. [company]Google[/company] Android developers will be able to use Flow simply by making use of intents, which is how Android apps can pass data along between each other. Samsung further enhances this by adding notifications that include phone calls and text messages, but also the device state, including battery charging level, and other important events.

Check out Flow in action in the following photos: