Solving the IT skills gap

The unemployment rate for the IT industry is only 3 percent, compared with a 7 percent unemployment rate nationally. This is great for IT professionals, but it presents a problem for hiring managers, many of whom are struggling to staff their teams with the skills they need.

Some of these sought-after positions include:

  • Technicians
  • IT Support/Service
  • Application Developers
  • Cloud Engineers

This talent shortage is largely rooted in issues of salary and training. The rise in demand has pushed IT salaries for some positions higher (NoSQL specialists, for example, command an average of $114,000 a year). Meanwhile, training hasn’t kept up with this demand. Tech skills change so quickly and expire so rapidly, it’s hard to find new hires with the latest tech skills.

As a result, hiring cycles for some IT positions can be as long as six months.

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