Intralinks 2.0 released

Intralinks VIA is a highly secure file sync-and-share application, and the company has released Intralinks VIA 2.0, driven by the goal of bridging the gap between an increasingly mobile workforce and the security needs of the business. The application platform has been reworked with a new UX, and a significantly more mobile orientation.

There are now two versions of Intralinks VIA — Intralinks VIA Pro and Intralinks VIA Elite. Pro is more geared toward delivering an experience more like that of Google Drive — while Elite is a much more security-focused product.

While the design has been updated, Intralinks VIA still falls short of being a complete work media (enterprise social network) solution, specifically because the product lacks anything like activity streams where users can share updates. Therefore, it is not in direct competition with solutions like Microsoft’s Yammer/OneDrive/Office 365, or IBM’s Connections/FileShare but more of a competitor to Amazon Zocalo, Box, Hightail, and Syncplicity. However, the product has numerous features that make it highly attractive for secure document-centric use cases:

  • native document viewing/editing with built-in Microsoft Office Online and PDF viewing/annotation
  • desktop integration with Microsoft Office/Outlook and Adobe Acrobat
  • integration with Intralinks Exchanges and enterprise content  management (ECM) systems such as Microsoft SharePoint
  •  fully integrated docTrackr capability that includes plug-in free IRM
  • currently the industry’s only offering for customer managed keys (CMK).

Here’s a screenshot showing the new user interface:

Share Workspace

For more information, here is the press release.