Lights, camera, action! Movie Creator software lands on Windows Phone

Aspiring digital filmmakers with a Windows Phone might want to download Movie Creator, a new beta app from Microsoft for its Lumia handsets. The new software debuted on Thursday without the red carpet treatment but with a blog post from Microsoft.

movie creator windows phone 81

The software lets you combine up to 25 different standard video clips into a single movie, along with images from Microsoft’s cinemegraph and Living Images camera modes. There are pre-installed movie themes to get you started and the app supports the addition of text cards, captions and the use of panning/zooming and filter tools.

Movie Creator works with the [company]Microsoft[/company] Music app as well. MP3 audio files or clips can be added to movies as long as the audio doesn’t have DRM protection. Once movies are created to your directorial satisfaction, they can be shared from within the app.

The 164 MB download of Movie Creator is freely available in the Microsoft Windows Phone store and requires Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft says Movie Creator also works on larger screened Windows 8.1 tablets, although that download is a little larger, weighing in at 190 MB in size.

Ironically, this isn’t the first movie editing app coming from Microsoft for its devices. In July, the company launched Video Tuner which has many of the same features. The only reason I can think of the overlap is that Video Tuner came from the Nokia group and Movie Creator was already in the works with Microsoft’s developers.

Update: I heard back from a Microsoft representative on the two video apps. Video Tuner is limited to editing a single video while Movie Creator can combine up to 25 clips as mentioned in the post. The latter is more akin to iMovie for iOS. Tablet support is also limited to the Lumia 2520 and Surface devices.

Images courtesy of Microsoft

This post was updated with additional information from Microsoft at 10:47am.