XYZprinting adds a food 3D printer to its ambitious lineup

While most desktop 3D printer companies are focused on their flagship machines, Taiwan-based XYZprinting is racing to offer a lineup of every single type of printer. This week it branched into the more niche side of the industry with the announcement of a food 3D printer, according to The China Post.

There are already quite a few upcoming options for food 3D printers, which can print soft materials like cheese, dough and melted chocolate in elaborate shapes and designs. But XYZprinting’s strategy is to get machines out cheap and fast, so it could beat the bulk of them to market at a better price–though not necessarily better quality.

The machine will incorporate a component found in XYZprinting’s existing desktop printers: cartridges. Ingredients for different recipes, which will be preloaded onto the machine, will come in capsules that customers will buy from the company and then load into their printer, the Taipei Times reported.

It’s unclear if printed pizzas, cookies and other raw materials will need to be loaded into an oven, or if the machine incorporates a baking function. Many 3D printers print on a heated surface; in the past, creative tinkerers have made machines that used that same surface to bake their creation.

XYZprinting didn’t release the pricing for the printer this week, but the China Post reported it will be available in the second quarter of 2015.