DirecTV’s Yaveo service signs up BeIn Sports, FOROtv and HOLA TV

DirecTV signed up a number of new partners ahead the launch of its Latino-focused streaming service called Yaveo: The new streaming service will launch with live TV streams from BeIn Sports, FOROtv and ¡HOLA! TV, according to Yaveo help pages that started to pop up online ahead of the service’s official launch.

Yaveo will offer more than 2,500 hours of on-demand programming in addition to those three live streams, with some of its programming partners including Spanish-language broadcaster [company]Univision[/company], Colombian television group [company]Caracol[/company] and Flix Latino, a channel operated by Miami-based [company]SomosTV[/company]. This content will include “movies, shows, sports and kids programming,” according to the leaked help pages.

Yaveo's logo, according to a recent trademark filing.

Yaveo’s logo, according to a recent trademark filing.

[company]DirecTV[/company] has been working on an online video service targeting a Latino audience for about a year, with much of the launch preparation happening in secrecy. In September, I reported that the service is going to be called Yaveo, and Reuters followed up on that report by adding that DirecTV had struck a deal with Univision to supply content to the service.

However, that report didn’t indicate whether Yaveo would carry live feeds for any of Univision’s main broadcast channels, or just on-demand programming. At least judging from Yaveo’s help pages, it looks as if Yaveo subscribers won’t have access to live Univision programming. That may be a disappointment for potential subscribers, but it could make sense for the broadcaster. Univision announced in October that it intends to offer its own online subscription service.

The three live channels that DirecTV did secure for Yaveo may be lesser-known, but could still be key to winning over Yaveo’s targeted audience. BeIn Sports features live sports events with a heavy focus on soccer, including live matches of Spain’s La Liga and the upcoming 2015 Copa America. ForoTV is a popular Mexican broadcast network that has also been available to existing DirecTV customers, and ¡HOLA! TV is a new Spanish-language network that recently launched in the U.S. with help from DirecTV.

The leaked help pages do not indicate how much Yaveo is going to cost, but they do reveal a number of other interesting details:

  • Yaveo won’t require a contract, allowing users to cancel at any time. First-time users will get a full month to try Yaveo for free.
  • The service will initially just be available via iOS, Android and the web, but there are hints to support additional devices, including Microsoft’s Xbox 360, at some point. Subscribers will be able to watch shows on up to five devices at the same time.
  • Shows will be made available in either Spanish or English, but don’t expect any extra help if your Spanish is a little rusty. From the help section: “English language subtitles are not available at this time but they may be added in the future.”
  • There is no cloud DVR. A lot of content will be available on demand, but subscribers won’t be able to record any live programming.
  • Yaveo will feature ads, and subscibers won’t be able to fast-forward through these ads. “To keep the cost of Yaveo as low as possible we include a limited amount of advertising in our programming. It is not possible to fast forward through these breaks,” the help pages read.

Of course, any of these details could change before Yaveo actually launches. For example, DirecTV will likely try to add more programming, and the service could also get additional device support before officially becoming available to consumers. However, many details were added to the leaked help pages at the end of last week, suggesting both that the information is up-to-date and that a launch may be coming soon.