Simplify access to team services at the click of a button

Meldium eliminates the hassle of creating and remembering dozens of unique passwords and automatically creates accounts for the most popular web apps your team depends on.

Get your team productive in minutes
Eliminate the need to separately set up accounts for new team members on multiple services and individually deactivate those accounts when a team member leaves the organization.

As an app owner or administrator, you can control cloud app access at the click of a button and eliminate the hassle of looping in IT.

With Meldium, you can easily provide employees with their own account for everyday apps, share existing apps, or add them to groups with a few clicks.

Meldium’s happy customers
“Instacart uses Meldium for all new employee on-boarding. It’s an amazing experience for employees and managers alike!” – Max Mullen, Instacart

“Meldium offers our team a superb way to manage the passwords for the dozens of apps we use.” – Elizabeth Alexander, The Economist

“Meldium is one of the most useful things I’ve found in a long time. Solving a real pain point!” – Joel Gascoigne, Buffer

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