UpCloud unveils MaxIOPS storage backend as it opens shop in US

The Finnish infrastructure-as-a-service company UpCloud has finally launched in the U.S., well over a year behind schedule. However, the firm says this is because it has only just finalized its new high-performance storage backend, MaxIOPS.

MaxIOPS, [company]UpCloud[/company] claims, results in big overall savings over rival IaaS offerings from [company]Amazon[/company] Web Services, [company]Google[/company] Cloud Platform and [company]Microsoft[/company] Azure, due to performance of up to 400,000 input/output operations per second – “comparable to the mperformance of 8 enterprise-grade SSDs,” UpCloud founder and CTO Joel Pihlajamaa said in a statement.

It was launched on Tuesday at the Slush Festival in Helsinki, where the opening of UpCloud’s Chicago data center was also announced. This was supposed to open in mid-2013, but CEO Antti Vilpponen told me on Monday that UpCloud “didn’t want to make the investment into the U.S. with just a standard set of features and functionalities.” The planned Singapore data center will follow next year, he promised.

Here’s a rundown of those promised cost savings, with a focus on European regions:

UpCloud claimed cost savings

The U.S. is of course a highly competitive market, and while UpCloud is pitching itself to the locals it is particularly gunning for European startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses that want high-performance North American availability. One thing it can offers such customers is – so the theory goes, at least – relatively good privacy protection.

Vilponnen reiterated what he told me earlier this year, noting that UpCloud’s customers all make their agreements with the core Finnish company. “When we do business or when customers host data in the U.S., we follow U.S. legislation but we never move the customer agreement-level data outside the borders of Finland,” he said. “It’s always tied to Finnish and EU legislation.”