Wanted: smoking hot cloud-based data communications

Cloud computing is changing the way enterprises access and consume data. To remain competitive, businesses know they must be able to react quickly to market changes and the cloud addresses their need for speed, agility and responsiveness. Now, however, enterprises are running into problems with the underlying data communications network. It simply isn’t as responsive and flexible as the applications it is supporting, and it can’t scale instantly and massively. In fact, the network is hampering the power of the cloud.

Businesses need the freedom and flexibility to:

  • Connect sites, workgroups and applications faster, more securely and more cost effectively
  • React to change easily
  • Respond to growth seamlessly

To achieve this kind of performance, network resources must be easily consumable. The datacenter network must be as dynamic, automated and virtualized as the server infrastructure, and support the needs of applications with instantaneous network connectivity.

Nuage Networks recognized this need and developed a unique approach that enables enterprises to transform the way they build and use their networks. Our solutions leverage SDN to make the network as responsive as the business needs it to be — from the datacenter to remote locations. We’ve closed the gap between the network and cloud-based consumption models, creating an infrastructure in which network resources are as readily consumable as compute and storage resources. Our approach enables enterprises to transform the way they build and use their networks. Read how our solutions can have a profound effect inside and across multiple datacenters and across the wide area network.