Google posts Nexus 6 factory image with newer software build

The first factory image for Google’s Nexus 6 phone is available for download. That’s not strange at all, since Google posts recovery images for all Nexus devices. What is strange is that the version of Android 5.0 is different from the software on my Nexus 6 review unit.

The new factory is dubbed LRX210 while the Nexus 6 I’ve been using for two weeks has version LRX21I. In my review of the phone, I noticed a few little glitches, so I’m wondering if the downloadable build fixes some or all of them.

android build lrx21o

Some people at Android Central have reported receiving this software update over the air on their Nexus 6 earlier today, so it may appear for all [company]Google[/company] Nexus 6 phones in short order. My review unit didn’t receive the update automatically, so I’ve downloaded the factory image and applied it to the phone to see what, if anything, is new, improved or different. I’m hoping that the Camera app is a little more stable as it crashes at least once a day on me when taking HDR+ photos.

I’ll update this post if there is anything noticeable. I already know that this software build doesn’t add the tap screen to wake function that works on the Nexus 9 tablet but I suspect a future update will.