Red Hat spiffs up FeedHenry with better collaboration tools

Red Hat purchased FeedHenry and its mobile app development platform in September; now it’s updating it with tools to better support collaborative development.

The new FeedHenry 3 promises to let distributed teams — both those inside a company and outside contractors — work together simultaneously on client apps, cloud apps and services. And it has applied role-based access for developers that applies from the beginning of app design and throughout the coding and testing and deployment process. Authorized admins can look into all projects and stages. And, more granular access controls let the project manager lock down aspects of the app to a select individual developer or developers.

As we keep hearing, mobile development is key now for enterprise developers as well as fun-and-games builders — one big reason [company]Red Hat[/company]bought FeedHenry, and why [company]Amazon[/company] and [company]Microsoft[/company] are building out their own mobile development platforms. Facebook bought Parse for the same reason and Google is also creating a mobile app-building arsenal.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Kinvey, one of the few remaining independent mobile platform or “Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service” players, announced application lifecycle management for its platform.

Kinvey said its Digital Lifecycle management lets admins invite developers to collaborate on a project and will work even if the team members belong to different organizations.

Given the demand for enterprise-worthy mobile applications, look for this arms race between the big vendors and independents alike to rage on.


Image courtesy of Red Hat.