Telefónica is putting its mobile networks to bed for the night

Telefónica has tapped Israeli mobile infrastructure startup eVolution Networks to help it manage the power consumption of its mobile networks in Latin America. eVolution’s software is putting portions of Telefónica’s network to sleep when demand is low and the full capacity of its cell sites is unneeded.

By shutting down that network capacity at off-peak times, eVolution estimates it would cut power consumption to [company]Telefónica[/company]’s base stations by as much as 35 percent, making the overall mobile network much cheaper to operate and more environmentally friendly.

I first wrote about Tel Aviv-based eVolution two years ago when it landed its first major operator customer Digicel in Jamaica. Telefónica, however, is one of the world’s largest multinational operators, running networks throughout Europe and the Americas.

Though the deal only applies to Telefónica’s Latin American operations, we’re starting to see the whole globe take notice of these kinds of power management technologies. An industry consortium called GreenTouch is trying to shift the focus in telecom from building increasingly high-bandwidth networks to much more energy efficient networks. Meanwhile [company]SK Telecom[/company] is working [company]Ericsson[/company] in South Korea to implement similar sleep-mode technology in its networks.