Plex gets parental controls, enhanced multiuser support

Everyone’s favorite media center app Plex just took a big step towards becoming more family-friendly: Plex now has a new account management feature called Home, which allows the creation of restricted profiles as well as more fine-grained sharing options. Home can be used for parental controls, or just to make Plex easier to use for other members in the same household.

Plex users can now add new user profiles for their kids, which can be restricted to certain movies, or even movies with a certain age rating. Profiles can be protected with PIN numbers so that the kids won’t be able to explore media they’re not supposed to get their hands on, and Plex owners can even add fine-grained control to media they are sharing over the internet. From a blog post outlining the new features:

For example, you can share individual photos with your parents, or just a few Arcade Fire albums with your hipster friend who will mock you for your Coldplay collection (no, trust us, he will).

Some of these new features, including fine-grained access control, are only available to Plex users who pay for a premium PlexPass subscription, but multiuser support is available to everyone.