Chromecast doesn’t have a remote, so this guy built one himself

Google’s Chromecast streaming stick comes without a remote control, opting instead to rely on a user’s mobile device to launch and control media streams. But Jeff Bower felt like something was missing.

“Chromecast works great on a single device, but for a multi-device household it’s a bit more…interesting,” Bower argued on Google+ Tuesday, adding that things get complicated when his wife wants to pause a stream that he started with his phone.

That’s why Bower recently began to build his own Chromecast remote control. His project, aptly called Razcast, is based on a Rhaspberry Pi, a python script to control a Chromecast on the same network, and a single button to pause and resume media playback. Here’s what the finished device looks like:


And it works great, at least for Google Play Movies and Plex, according to Bower. Netflix, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to work at all, which is why Bower finally gave in and ordered a Nexus Player. But still, the fact that he got it to work at all is pretty neat.