Pinterest finishes flood of product redesigns with Android update

Pinterest is dusting off its products. After a desktop site redesign at the end of last month and an iOS redesign at the start of this month, next up is Android.

On Tuesday, Pinterest introduced the latest Android version with improved navigation. As you can see from the screenshots below, the Pinterest logo has shrunk to a P and moved to the far left. The search icon shifted to the top righthand side alongside an added chat box — Pinterest’s new messaging feature.

Screenshots of Pinterest Android redesign. Before: Left; After: Right

Screenshots of Pinterest Android redesign. Left: Before. Right: After.

In addition, Pinterest halved the time it takes for its Android app to load — not too shabby given the team built the redesign in only three weeks.

The Android redesign is the kind of news that would inspire a lot of press coverage coming out of Twitter. Despite Pinterest having far more potent traffic referral skills, it’s still overlooked. We don’t fret and froth over Pinterest product changes, despite the fact that the company’s usage by the general population is arguably greater than Twitter’s.

Pinterest’s month of updates positions the company to both grow abroad and integrate new features — like messaging — without cluttering up the core experience.

Screenshot courtesy of Pinterest.