Report: Samsung pulling the plug on ChatOn messaging service

If the reports are correct, Samsung may want to consider changing the name of its instant message platform from ChatOn to ChatOff. Amid a current management shakeup and falling smartphone profits, the company will be shutting ChatOn down in some regions, according to the Korea Times.

Samsung ChatOn

SamMobile spotted the news, noting that Samsung will likely keep ChatOn available in areas where it has a solid foothold against competing IM and chat services such as WhatsApp, WeChat Viber and BBM to name a few. As of now, ChatOn, which launched in 2011, is supported in 120 countries around the globe.

Over time, Samsung wisely expanded ChatOn support beyond its own brand of devices, bringing client support for [company]Google[/company] Android, [company]Apple[/company] iOS, [company]Microsoft[/company] Windows Phone and even the web, among many other devices and methods. And it has a large number of potential users on its own devices since Samsung sells more smartphones than any other company and ChatOn is pre-installed on nearly every capable handset wearing the Samsung name.

But pre-installing an IM client — or any software for that matter — doesn’t guarantee people will actually use it. And it seems like Samsung finally realized that, based on this quote from a company official via the Korea Times coverage:

When you talk about total numbers, ChatOn looks competitive as ChatOn is installed in all Samsung smartphones. The key issue is that usability of the application is low and that means the volume of transaction isn’t that much.

Lesson learned: Looking competitive isn’t the same as being competitive.