Twitter gets into the coupon business to woo advertisers

You can now get discounts to physical stores simply by surfing Twitter.

The company has introduced “Twitter Offers,” which allow any retailer to turn a promoted post into a coupon. Once a Twitter user adds their credit card information to the application, they can click a promoted offer post and the discount will be linked to their card.

When they go to buy the product at the physical store, the markdown will automatically be deducted at checkout if they use the same credit card: no physical coupon necessary.

Coupons may not sound like the sexiest endeavor, but this is a substantial step for Twitter in the world of commerce. It’s a tool to woo retailers, the second in its arsenal after the recently introduced buy button, which allows Twitter users to purchase a retail product from a promoted post without ever leaving the application.

As Twitter mentioned in the blog post, the ease of use of “offers” is enticing. Advertisers will be able to track the success of their promoted post campaigns on Twitter. Store managers don’t have to train their employees on any new hardware or protocol to redeem coupons.

Twitter will be testing the feature with a handful of select advertisers during the holiday season and depending how the trial run goes, it will start offering it to others in the U.S. afterwards.