Box CIO decamps for Yahoo

Former Box CIO Ben Haines is now VP of corporate applications & platforms at Yahoo Yahoo, a gig he apparently started in November, according to his LinkedIn profile, which was spotted by the folks at CIO Journal (registration required).

Prior to [company]Box[/company], Haines held the same position at [company]Pabst Brewing Co[/company]. — at which time Gigaom booked him to appear on a CIO panel at Structure 2013 — I mean who doesn’t want to hear about the tech underpinnings of Pabst Blue Ribbon? But by the time he stepped onstage he had already been named Box’s first-ever CIO.

It’s worth noting that the other Structure CIO panelist two years ago was Ralph Loura, then the CIO at Clorox but he has since moved on to HP. There is clearly no lack of career opportunities for CIOs these days.

For a little trip back in time, a video of that panel in which the speakers touched on the whole CMO vs. CIO meme, is linked below.


Note: This story was updated soon after posting to reflect that Haines was not named CIO of Yahoo. Former Netflix exec Mike Kail holds that title. Kail is now being sued by Netflix.