Is your favorite title in Google’s Android best apps of 2014?

Google kicked December off by publishing its list of best Android apps for 2014 on Monday, nearly all of which are free. It’s nice to see that the list has some good titles that aren’t obvious: You won’t see Facebook or Twitter here, even though they’re among the most downloaded and used apps on the platform.

best android apps of 2014

A few good ones on [company]Google[/company]’s list that caught my eye include the official TED app — watch a TED talk daily for a month and you’ll be much smarter, in my opinion — Sunrise Calendar, which we’ve highlighted in the past, ToDoist and TuneIn Radio. You’ll also find some big names on there: CNN, The New York Times, and Yahoo News Digest, which I use at least once, if not twice a day.

Of course, a list of 75 apps isn’t going to have every single “best” app on it. And there are a few apps that I always install when getting a new device or after wiping an old device clean.

I can’t live without TripIt when traveling, for example. I also like the Sports Center app from ESPN that remembers my favorite teams and shows alerts before and during big games. And I have no lack of various exercise tracking apps although I’m looking forward to a new version of one in particular that will work with the GPS in my just-ordered Android Wear smartwatch.

We all like different apps for different reasons though. If you had to pick two or three “must have” apps that should have been on Google’s list, what would they be? I’m always on the lookout for new apps so don’t be shy.