Google is starting to sign up Fiber customers in Austin

Google is getting ready to roll out its Fiber gigabit internet service in Austin, Texas, and is now asking individuals and small businesses in South and Southeast Austin to sign up.

[company]Google[/company] is offering three tiers: 1 Gbps will cost $70 a month, 1 gigabit and Google’s Fiber TV service go for $130 a month, and basic 5 Mbps internet is free for consumers who pay a $300 construction fee. That’s the same cost structure as in Kansas City, with the exception that Google is charging an additional $10 a month for the TV package, likely reflecting fees from local broadcasters. Small businesses are being charged $100 for 1 Gbps per month.

Google is once again doing these installs neighborhood by neighborhood, and has different sign-up deadlines for each of its so-called “fiberhoods” in the South and Southeast of the city. The company has yet to announce when it will open up sign-ups for the rest of Austin.