IBM: Mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic on Thanksgiving Day

Looks like America’s got a new Thanksgiving tradition: Surfing the internet quietly on our phones while we wait for the turkey to be done.

From an IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark report published on Black Friday:

For the first time, online traffic from mobile devices outpaced traditional PCs on Thanksgiving Day… Thanksgiving Day reached a new mobile tipping point with browsing on smartphones and tablets accounting for 52.1 percent of all online traffic.

The report looked at both smartphone and tablet traffic visiting “hundreds of U.S. retail websites.” It’s not a perfect proxy for mobile usage, but it is probably pretty close. Plus, the result makes sense: People are less likely to lug their laptops to Auntie’s house, but a little bit of online shopping and browsing on a smartphone sounds like a perfect distraction from a room full of screaming cousins.

The complete [company]IBM[/company] report goes on to detail a few more takeaways. For instance, tablets account for less traffic than smartphones, but drive more online sales. iOS users also purchase more per order than Android users.

Although the report doesn’t look at app usage, I wouldn’t be surprised if app and game makers also saw spikes in usage on Thanksgiving: People bored with football games on the television could easily use the opportunity to catch up in Clash of Clans or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

After all, what’s more American than gathering with your closest immediate family and ignoring them in favor of the glowing, vibrating screen in your pocket?